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Did you know: Employees spend in average 1 day per week searching for their documents inside their computers?

Unfortunately, losing lot of time instead of producing to increase business value…

LeadCatalog multiply your time to produce, and then, multiply your productivity.

We developed a performant and intuitive tool, to manage your entire dematerialized data. LeadCatalog, is an affordable software designed to small, medium and large companies to index their data inside their different computers and IT network. A smart indexation system allowing you to manage, rank, and search for your data.

Likewise, LeadCatalog allows you to organize your RAW data extracted from your analyzing machine.

The complexity and the cost to install an EDM (Electronic Document Management) helped us to think about designing an affordable, fair and simple offer, to meet the needs of organization and valorization of documents and data, which are no more used or even lost, after years of storing it somewhere.

LeadCatalog does not change your organization, it improves it. The tool was designed to manage the multisite network. It does not matter if you’re are in Paris or in Toulouse, in Tokyo or in New York, you can access to your personal data, or to the entire data of your company, in one click. Access rights will manage the confidentiality of different document access…

Sycomore-Technologies knew how to benefit of engineers able to develop, to interface, to enhance informatics tool. We are not only designers’ software, we know how to advise our customers to optimize their needs. We really understand our customers’ expectations. We are experts in different activity areas, requiring high technology skills.

Answering exactly our customers’ needs, without any additional cost surprises, with flexible offers: IS OUR EXPERTISE.

SOLUTIONS for your business area

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