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In silico solution: Analyze and manage the R&D scientific data, in order to increase the engineering of large molecule performance.


LeadAnalytics is an in silico solution, developed to manage, to analyze and to enhance the experimental scientific data. It implements our bioinformatics expertize analyzing the R&D data, of new therapeutic molecule of interest or diagnostic. Built around a generic data information system, LeadAnalytics meets the needs from case by case: because each laboratory is different.

Key Features of LeadAnalytics

  • Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), management of laboratory documents and their experimental data
  • Data import
  • Experimental data processing
  • Bioinformatics standard analysis by third party tools integration
  • Bioinformatics analysis, developed by our scientific know how
  • Customized analysis (on demand)
  • Intuitive and ergonomic interface, serving final user interests

Key Benefits of LeadAnalytics


Structure and find in one click your molecules


Results in a Save an Confidential environment


Data share optimization


Productivity and performance enhancement


Decision support selection of the molecule of interest

Large molecule engineering, needs different technics to deal with the experiments of molecule of interest: in silico prediction, variants generation (directed molecular evolution and rational design), and large molecule optimization (affinity maturation…), screening, purification, characterization (protein/protein interactions, glycanic studies, aggregates rate …)

In the engineering of the different antibody domains, LeadAnalytics manages and analyzes experimental data, from different technologies, as the phage display, yeast display or hybridomas. The system was developed to meet the expectations of the researches team, confronted with the management of heterogeneous and scattered data.

The bedrock of LeadAnalytics is a generic/standard database. It provides a robust solution, ensuring continuity between data registration, from all the steps of development process of a therapeutic molecule, and the access in real time to a relevant information.

Particularly, are integrated in our solution: The automatic sequencing processing, associated to the automatic numbering of various antibodies domain (CDR, FR, Fc), the implementation of biophysical characterization, biochemical and functional data.

Researchers have access to the criteria of the selected candidates of interest. The performance of a relevant selection are ensured thanks to our integrated analytics tools.

LeadAnalytics, offers a robust and performant platform supporting up to several hundred users, working on different sites, and between different research departments.

LeadAnalytics can be interfaced with our solution LeadCatalog managing heterogeneous data and LeadSample managing the samples. Also, with any other third party software.